SMTube 14.7 released

Version 14.7

  • The option Record audio has been fixed.
  • New translations: Albanian, Slovak and English UK.

Note: version number is now year (14) + month (7).

There are packages for Ubuntu in the smplayer PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:rvm/smplayer 
sudo apt-get update 
sudo apt-get install smtube 

The Windows version is included in the development packages:

SMPlayer the best performing media player for 2014

The web chose SMPlayer as best performing media player for 2014.

The winner of our roundup was SMPlayer. It wasn't the quickest player to
launch and load files, but it never took more than two seconds, which we
think is an acceptable wait. It excelled where it mattered though - in
CPU and memory performance. Thanks to a maximum memory footprint of just
80MB, and average CPU utilisation just that little bit more efficient
than the other two players on the podium, SMPlayer emerges as the best
performing media player for 2014.

You can read the whole article here.

(Of course, the good performing is due to mplayer)

SMPlayer 14.3 Released

Previous version was 0.8.6, this new release is 14.3… What happened? Now the version is just the year and month of the release.

Version 14.3

  • The control for fullscreen mode has been rewritten and improved. Now it is displayed over the video.
  • (Windows) New option in Preferences -> Subtitles to enable or disable the use of the Windows font directory. Disabling this option prevents the annoying font scanning.
  • Some presets have been added to the audio equalizer.
  • (Experimental) Possibility to play (non-protected) blu-ray discs.
  • Better support for multimedia keys. This can help control SMPlayer with a remote control.
  • New option in the playlist preferences for adding automatically other files in the folder to the playlist.
  • The option “Move the window when the video area is dragged” has been fixed.
  • (Windows) Now it’s possible to open Windows shortcuts (symlinks).
  • Better support for Youtube.
  • (Windows) Better screensaver disabling.
  • Many bugfixes.
  • Possibility to compile with Qt 5.

You can download this new version from the official site:

SMTube 2.1 Released

A new version of the Youtube Browser for SMPlayer (smtube) has been released. These are the most important changes:

Version 2.1

  • Improve the download speed for DASH formats.

Version 2.0

  • New option to record audio.
  • Download 1080p in DASH format.
  • The ‘Most Rated’ tab has been replaced with ‘Sports’.
  • An option to add the URL to the SMPlayer playlist has been added.
  • A default region is selected according to the user’s language and country.
  • Better support for encrypted signatures.
  • New translations: Italian and French.
  • Possibility to compile with Qt 5.

SMTube is included in the Windows packages of SMPlayer, just get the latest development version to get it:

Linux users can install it with this:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:rvm/smplayer 
sudo apt-get update 
sudo apt-get install smtube

How to use a MCE remote control with SMPlayer

I’ve just got a MCE compatible remote control. So I wanted to use it with SMPlayer.

MCE remote control

Under Windows it was pretty easy, SMPlayer recognized the buttons as key strokes, so it was just a matter of assigning the remote buttons (Play, Stop, Volume Up and so on) to the proper functions. Now the development version (from r6033) already has those buttons assigned by default for new installations (for old installations you need to load the file default.keys in the shortcut editor).

Under Linux this remote control is already supported by the kernel, it works out of the box, it’s not necessary to use lirc or inputlirc. But there was a problem, some keys like Play, Pause, Stop didn’t work. These keys were grabbed by the desktop (it seems by a component of Gnome) and so they weren’t available by other applications. Fortunately this can be solved easily, in the gnome-control-center: Keyboard -> Sound and Media, just disable all the multimedia shortcuts.

Disable the media shortcuts

How to play the new 1080p (DASH) format from Youtube with SMPlayer

It seems youtube is removing the 1080p videos in mp4 and webm formats. They now use a new format (DASH) for 1080p. This format is not supported yet by smplayer.

In this format the video and audio are separated in different streams. Youtube-dl can download videos in this format (it’s necessary to download both the video and audio streams). The development version of smplayer can play the files downloaded by youtube-dl. You just open the video (with mp4 extension) and smplayer will use automatically the m4a for the audio.
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New features for the upcoming SMPlayer 0.8.7

These are some of the new features which are already available in the development version:

  • Youtube: it has been improved the way to get the URLs of the videos, so you don’t need to “update the youtube code” so often. However it seems youtube is removing the 1080p videos in the mp4 and webm formats, and they now use a new format (DASH) which is not supported yet by smplayer, although these videos can be downloaded by youtube-dl and played by smplayer. More info here.
  • The floating control (for fullscreen) has been improved and now it is displayed over the video in all GUIs (previously, with the Skingui, the video was resized when the control was shown, now this is fixed). Another change: now the control appears when the mouse is moved. Previously it was necessary to move the mouse to the bottom of the screen.
  • Blu-ray support. It has been added a (basic) support for blu-ray.
  • Compatible with Qt 5. Now the sources can be compiled with Qt 5.

You can test this version. You can find packages for windows and ubuntu here:


The ultimate solution for the Youtube issue?

You know, youtube has been doing very frequent changes lately, that caused problems to smplayer, which required a lot of updates. To partially solve the problem, in version 0.8.6 smplayer can download an update from the smplayer site for its youtube code. But still it’s necessary to keep that script updated every time youtube makes a change.

I think I might have found a more permanent solution. Now the encrypted signatures are no problem anymore because I think found a way to unencrypt the signatures even if they keep changing the algorithm.
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