Linux users may need to update mpv in order to use SMPlayer 17.10

The mpv developers have deprecated some video and audio filters. SMPlayer 17.10 stops using those deprecated filters and is now using new filters.

Unfortunately older versions of mpv may not have those filters. This can cause playback without audio or video. A workaround is to turn off all video and audio filters. If you don’t have audio, turn off the audio equalizer in Preferences -> General -> Audio. Another workaround is to switch to mplayer by selecting mplayer as multimedia engine in Preferences -> General.

Of course the proper solution is to update mpv. Ubuntu users will find a recent version of mpv, which works perfectly fine with SMPlayer 17.10, in this PPA:

10 thoughts on “Linux users may need to update mpv in order to use SMPlayer 17.10

    • It seems at least mpv 0.15 is necessary so that all filters work as expected (although it actually depends on the version of ffmpeg used to build mpv).

  1. Video won’t work for me on arch linux with mpv 0.27 (latest) or even the mpv-git AUR package.
    Audio plays fine, but the picture doesn’t show at all.

      • Log seemed normal except for these lines indicating no video can be played:

        [vf] [in] 1920×1080 yuv420p bt.709/bt.709/bt.1886/limited SP=1.000000 CL=mpeg2/4/h264
        [vf] [lavfi] “lavfi.00” 1920×1080 yuv420p bt.709/bt.709/bt.1886/limited SP=1.000000 CL=mpeg2/4/h264
        [vf] [out] ???
        Cannot initialize video filters.
        Could not initialize video chain.
        [vd] Uninit video.
        [vo/gpu] flushing shader cache
        [vo/gpu/x11] uninit …
        Video: no video
        starting audio playback here’s the full log. Just opened a file and skipped around a bit. Mpv on it’s own works fine, just through smplayer I get only audio for some reason.

        • This is caused by the letterbox filter (add black borders). Turn it off.
          I think the problem is (kind of) fixed in the development version.

          • Still the issue persists, even with the borders turned off. Though the same version works fine on my laptop(also running arch – similar setup). Must be something specific to this setup, I guess.

        • Be sure the option to add black borders in fullscreen in preferences -> general -> video is turned off. If that doesn’t fix it, turn off the option to remember the settings for all files in preferences -> general.

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