Playlist improved in SMPlayer 16.8

In the new version 16.8 the playlist has finally been improved.

Now it’s possible to sort by any column.There’s also a new column, which displays the path of the file (or URL). The good thing is this allows you to sort the list by folder name.

It’s also possible to search in the playlist. When you type something in the search field the playlist will display only the items that match the search string. Notice that the search is performed in all columns.

And finally there’s a new option to load a playlist from internet. This will download the playlist from the URL you enter. As example you can enter this URL: This URL provides a playlist with some online TV streams.




The playlist includes some music channels and some online TV channels from Spain. Notice that the Spanish channels may be geolocated and thus they may only play within Spain.

Update: the URL of the playlist is now instead of

18 thoughts on “Playlist improved in SMPlayer 16.8

  1. Hi. Updating from v16.7 to 16.8 made my current playlist disappear, with valuable information on it. Do you know any way to get it back?

    • If you had an unsaved playlist, I think you can install v16.7 (the playlist contents should reappear), save the playlist to a m3u8 file, install 16.8 and load the m3u8 file.

      Alternatively, open smplayer.ini with a text editor and look for [playlist_contents], the data of the playlist should be there.

      (In version 16.8 the playlist info is saved to playlist.ini instead of smplayer.ini)

  2. Hi,
    its cool you added new features,
    but I don’t want them,
    they should be optional 🙂

    Playlist is too wide,
    there are too many columns,
    a user should be able to pick which columns to show,
    and the order in which they appear (column 1 is, column 2 is..)

    Its silly to have playlist side by side with the video,
    and have it be twice as wide as the video

      • Yes please, that would be very much appreciated. And also, please make it easier to resize the last column. The vertical line i’d have to grab to resize is never visible so I’m stuck with a last column that’s too wide. Also, whenever I mouse over the playlist the pointer changes to the resize column pointer, no matter what part of the playlist I’m pointing to.

        The search feature is kinda nice I guess… but it makes the playlist too wide… maybe you could put it at the top of the playlist so that it doesn’t widen the playlist unnecessarily.

        Also… I hope the ability to reorder playlist items by dragging them is added at some point. With a huge playlist, clicking the up arrow 200 times to move the bottom playlist item to the top is a bit tiring :/

        Keep up the good work. I love that sorting by column doesn’t irreparably break the playlist. I’m glad that there is still the option to sort by number.

  3. Hi, I have 2 pairs of bluetooth headphones, Sony SBH60 and Psyc Wave S1. When I use playlist track advance button (physical on the phones button , not on-screen button) playlist advances TWO tracks instead of one. Thanks x

  4. Great program but the new version icons and text were so big they covered up the top and bottom of the video so I uninstalled it. Hmmm.

  5. My favorite multimedia player has a flaw: its WIDE playlist. And it’s getting worse and worse. We don’t need all those buttons. just the filename. Please.

  6. I’ve a problem on playlist of SMPlayer.
    I used SMPlayer 0.8.6 previously and I dragged the files from explorer into SMPlayer’s window.
    Ex: z.avi a.avi b.avi.
    And they were played in correct order “z a b”.

    However, in new SMPlayer, they were sorted to be played “a b z” instead of order I dragged to them.
    How can I disable this behavior ?

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