Problems with again

In smplayer 0.8.5 a problem with was fixed. It failed sometimes to find subtitles. Now I noticed that the problem has come back. It wasn’t able to find subtitles for some videos, while subdownloader could find them.

I tried to find out the problem. I realized that subdownloader was actually searching for subtitles for several videos at the same time (all video files in the directory). I removed all files, leaving only one video. Now subdownloader failed too! It couldn’t find any subtitle for the video. I added back one video to the directory and now subdownloader could find subtitles for both videos.

Is it a bug in I think it is. Opensubtitles allows to search for subtitles for several videos with one query. If the query has only one search it can fail and returns no subtitles, if the query has 2 or more searches then it correctly returns subtitles for all videos.

So I added a workaround for the problem in smplayer. Now smplayer performs 2 searchs in the query (the same search is duplicated). And this really seems to fix the problem, now smplayer finds subtitles where previously couldn’t find anything.

The fix is in smplayer svn r5532.

4 thoughts on “Problems with again

  1. On a slightly unrelated note, could you please add an option to switch update checker on and off? In the preferences i mean.
    Because it’s absolutely meaningless for the most of linux distributions (with repos and packagers alive) to have it turned on by default, and even out there it is not a must-have (and must-be-turned-on-always) option. And to be honest – when it spawns some annoying popup window every startup which i can’t disable from the gui it feels really bad, man 🙁
    I saw this bug and that it’s still open, but then i thought that asking never hurts, so here i am.
    Best regards.

  2. There are options in the preferences dialog to configure the update checker (or totally disable it) in the development version (since r5491).

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