SMPlayer 16.1 has been released

Version 16.1 is available for download. In this version YouTube has been fixed again.

There’s another fix, now the screenshots work again with older versions of MPlayer or mpv.

Version 16.1 also includes a new feature. Now it’s possible to set bookmarks on a video (for example in a musical movie you can mark the beginning of each song, to quickly seek to them later).

This feature is available in the menu Browser -> Bookmarks. You’ll find there an option to add a new bookmark, an option to edit the current bookmarks and the bookmarks you had set.

There are some key shortcuts:

  • Ctrl+A: adds a new bookmark
  • Ctrl+B: seeks to the previous bookmark
  • Ctrl+N: seeks to the next bookmark

Notice that currently bookmarks only work with “regular” files (so no discs or online streams) and the option to “remember the settings for all files” (Preferences -> General) must be enabled.

Download SMPlayer 16.1

15 thoughts on “SMPlayer 16.1 has been released

  1. Any plan to switch from sourceforge to some other site (e.g. github)? I can’t even access the official site with ublock origin installed.

      • I didn’t know that! When you search “smplayer” on DuckDuckGo what they claim the official site is the sourceforge one (considered a malware site by ublock and I personally agree with their assessment) and the .eu site doesn’t even show up in the top 10.

        Anyway I use SMPlayer all the time so keep up the good work!

        • The official site is indeed
          I created a mirror ( in another host because sometimes sourceforge is down.

          The fact that doesn’t show in the first results is actually a good reason to keep the sourceforge site as the main site.

          • On Google, is the first result and the official sourceforge site the second, so maybe Google is penalizing sourceforge somewhat (but not to the point where the sorceforge site doesn’t appear in top results).

  2. Thanks a bunch ,man,for the amazing SMPlayer. I use manjaro,and SMplayer is lighter than vlc,starts faster,and the colours are vibrant,not washed out,like vlc has. You’re tha man !

  3. Hello!
    Tell me please. Why i can add to name of screenshot files name and time of movie files? Like in MPC?
    I like screenshot makes, but smplayer make not information file name…

    SMPlayer: shot0025.png
    MPC: 01_Don_Sezar_de_Bazan.avi_snapshot_00.09.33_[2013.08.23_12.01.30].jpg

    its possible fix or add template of filenames?

    sorry for my english.

      • Dear Sir!
        Thanx You very much for answer! It’s work perfectly.
        Now SMPlayer is my favorite choise)

        Sorry, More two questions:

        Q1 – I want rewind by frame, but found keybinding only for Forward (frame step). Its may be exist similar for Backward rewind by frame? I found only -10secund backward. Its too many frames(((

        Q2 – There is exist action for a key binding for a cycling select language and subs by keyboard? Select via GUI by mouse is too longer.


        • The default key to rewind by frame is “,”. The shortcuts for next subtitle is “J” and for next audio “K”. You can change the shortcuts in preferences -> keyboard and mouse.

          • Thank You.

            I have bug with “J” and “K”. Format .avi, sound and subs internal. If use its key, no take momently effect, and sound\subs is off (or out of sync). Until rewind video forward or back. After rewind normalize.

            Report of crush (plain text file):

  4. In earlier versions, I setup smplayer to remember window size and position on screen.. I used to then open videos.. double click to full screen and when the video is finished/or even during video playback, double click again to return smplayer to exact position and size. This behavior is changed in new version. If video is playing, double clicking in fullscreen resizes player to maximized window. If video is paused, only then exiting full screen reverts back to players previous position and size. This might sound confusing but try doing what I mentioned. How to get previous resizing behavior back? New options like center window in interface options etc have no effect.

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