SMPlayer will support MPV

I’m very happy to announce that the next version of SMPlayer will support MPV.
I’m currently adding support for MPV, it’s not an easy task, since every single command has to be reimplemented, so it’s a slow process.

At this point the basic functions (play, pause, seek, etc.) and most of the options in the menus “Play”, “Video”, “Audio” and “Subtitles” work.

For more detailed info click here.

There’s no public version available yet, but a beta will probably be available soon.

SMPlayer using mpv on Windows

8 thoughts on “SMPlayer will support MPV

  1. Fantastic news. I have seen recently files that fails to play or have trouble with mplayer but working flawlessly with mpv. But I am very attached all the smplayer UI features and specially the per file position remembering (I tend to cycle between files).

    Given that mpv is the most actively developed fork of mplayer it would be great having smplayer support for it.

      • Oh bummer! I hope for the future, even if I realize it could take a lot of work if the code wasn’t factored for swappable backends from the start. With libmpv there’s also OS X support (since there’s no need for platform specific hacks to share views when they are in the same process) ^^