UMPlayer: a SMPlayer fork

UMPlayer is a media player created by Ori Rejwan, which is actually based on SMPlayer 0.6.9. Most of the umplayer code is smplayer’s code. They added some interesting features like skins and youtube and shoutcast support, and a port to Mac.

In recent versions of SMPlayer I ported back some of those features: the support for youtube and the skins. With the skins there’s a problem, their license is not clear, so maybe in the future I’ll have to drop them or create new ones…

The youtube support in SMPlayer hasn’t been just a copy and paste, it has been improved. The youtube browser is now an independent application, and (on linux) it can be configured to use other players. Some bugs have been fixed and their texts can now be translated into other languages (previously it had hardcoded texts in english).

One problem with the youtube support is that sometimes Youtube makes changes in their site, and most of the applications with youtube support stop working, and so it’s necessary to update the code to make them work again.

During the last few months youtube change their code twice and I fixed smplayer twice. The first time I also fixed umplayer too, as a courtesy for their users, as the umplayer project seems dead (no updates in a lot of months). But the second time I didn’t, why?

There are several reasons:

  1. If I’m going to make more releases of umplayer, I’d probably had to change the name of the application, so the users know they are using a different version.
  2. Believe or not, but making these releases takes time. It’s not only the fix for youtube, but it’s also necessary to build the packages for windows and linux, and upload them, update the website…
  3. SMPlayer now includes the most interesting features of umplayer, so I don’t really see a reason to use umplayer.
  4. As author of SMPlayer, I prefer that people would use SMPlayer 🙂
  5. The source code of SMPlayer is available, and porting the fix to umplayer is trivial, so anyone can do it.

UPDATE: Ok, I fixed UMPlayer again.

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