Subtitle support for Chromecast in SMPlayer 17.3

SMPlayer 17.1 added support for Chromecast. Now SMPlayer 17.3 has just added the possibility to display subtitles on Chromecast (still an experimental feature).

However currently there are some limitations:

  • Only external subtitles are supported.
  • The subtitles must be in the same folder of the video.
  • The subtitles must be in vtt format.

How to use subtitles, step by step

  • First you need to convert the subtitles to vtt. You can convert subtitles in srt format to the vtt format here: Or just use any other tool you may find on the Internet. Store the vtt file in the same folder of the video.
  • Play the video in SMPlayer and select the vtt subtitle from the menu Subtitles -> Primary track.
  • Select the option Play on Chromecast from the Play menu.

Now connect to Chromecast and start playback as usual. The subtitles should be displayed on the TV screen.

Note: you can actually select a subtitle in srt or any other format in SMPlayer, but the SMPlayer Chromecast Control will try to use a subtitle file with the same name but with the vtt extension.

3 thoughts on “Subtitle support for Chromecast in SMPlayer 17.3

  1. Thanks for all the hard work.

    Please add to Chromecast::findLocalAddress detection of other private network IPs that people use: class A starts with “10.”, class B starts with “172.”.

    Why not include the Chromecast Control html page (the one at in the local SMPlayer installation and serve it using your local web-server?
    That way connection to the Internet is not needed, only to local network. Also, the names of the files we play remain private.

    Not Chromecast related: Somewhere down the line, could SMPlayer download and display the subtitles (with a setting for language) on Youtube videos?
    I see that youtube-dl supports downloading subs

    Live long and prosper. \V/

    • (2017-02-20)
      * (Playlist) Try to use numberofentries if NumberOfEntries returns 0 when
      loading pls files.

      * Fix some of the subtitles’ options when using mpv.

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