Support for Chromecast in SMPlayer 17.1

SMPlayer 17.1 features experimental support for Chromecast. Now you can send videos from SMPlayer to your Chromecast device, including local files from your computer and online streams such as TV channels or videos from sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Vevo and many more.

Notice however that Chromecast only supports a limited list of formats and codecs, so some videos won’t play. Click here to see the list of supported media.


  • SMPlayer 17.1
  • Google Chrome browser (or Chromium) with the Google Cast extension installed (or alternatively a smartphone or tablet with the Google Chrome browser, if you prefer to control playback with one of those devices)
  • Ubuntu and debian users must install the package webfs (sudo apt-get install webfs). This is a tiny web server that SMPlayer will run in order to serve local files to Chromecast.

How to play a video on Chromecast

Start to play a video in SMPlayer, then select the option Play on Chromecast from the Play menu. (After that you can stop playback in SMPlayer).

Note: at this point Windows users will probably get a notification from the Windows firewall. Please click on “Allow access”. Otherwise Chromecast won’t be able to access the files in your computer.

A web page will be opened in your web browser with the URL of the video. This web page can communicate with your Chromecast device. You’ll find options to connect/disconnect, start playback and controls for play, pause, volume, seek…

Chromecast control

Important: although SMPlayer will open the web page with your default web browser this will probably only work with Google Chrome and Chromium.

Subtitles are not supported yet.

There’s also an option in the context menu of the playlist to open the selected video on Chromecast.

Web server

In order to server local files (from your computer) to Chromecast, SMPlayer will run a tiny web server. You can change some of the settings for the server (like the port to use) in the SMPlayer preferences: Network -> Chromecast.

Click here to download SMPlayer 17.1

15 thoughts on “Support for Chromecast in SMPlayer 17.1

  1. I’m sorry, but that not a support for chromest at all – its a shame. “Smplayer will open Chrome with Chromecast extention”?
    Why do i need to to play remote file in Smplayer in first place then?

    Anyway, i use Stream2Chromecast on Linux and its
    1) Doesnt require Chrome because it can talk with Chromecast on its own
    2) Can sent both remote and local files to Chromecast
    3) Can do optional transcoding with FFMpeg on the fly.

    Only one weak point – its not very easy to control playback with Stream2Chromecast directly.
    Maybe SMplayer should look into integrating this thing rather using Chrome?

    • As far as I know google only provides a sdk for chrome, android and iOS. So the fastest and easy way to implement it was using the sdk for chrome.

      • Officially – yes, but they use DIAL and mDNS protocols for actual communication with devices. Its pretty much open stuff.
        There is no SDK for Linux or any Desktop OS, but there is already pulseaudio-dlna and mkchromecast for audio streaming and even VLC finally got its Chromecast support working, And, unlike SMplayer, they all implement real support.
        Well, i understand that you want it for good reason, but Chrome dependency is overkill. Not even mentioning that Chrome needs to be default browser to SMPlayer able to launch it.
        Imho, its better to look in integrating Stream2chromecast or something but its your application.
        As i said previously main drawback with Steam2Chromecast is that its unable to seek to certain part of video file, but that because its not know anything about video file internals, unlike Smpalyer –

  2. Using this player is better for me because I can now apply the url created from the Smplayer Chromecast control page, to allow my DLNA enabled TV to stream content directly from CBS Evening News, and NBC Nightly News along with a few others …….
    I use vGet and DeviceOnline UPNP from the google webstore to send local video and urls to my LG TV.
    Not only can this be used for chromecast but, for DLNA devices as well!

  3. Cumbersome to say the least. I use Chrome as a secondary browser, but it is so heavy and slow I will not convert as my default on Linux. The multiple add ons for Chrome with phone/tablet controls works just fine. Is there a slimmed down version of SMPlayer planned? That is what attracted me to this application…simple, quick and works every time.

  4. I use Chrome exclusively and this doesn’t work. I’ve tried it multiple times. I see the title of the file flash on the tv screen then nothing but an icon.

  5. How can I debug this?

    I get ‘playback failed’ when I try to play, and ‘refused connection’ when I want to open the video in a different tab. This happens everytime I try to play a video. The chromecast connection works just fine, I can play a sample video like Big Buck Bunny without problems.

    I am at a loss how to tackle this.

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