SMPlayer 16.11 has been released

This version brings two new features:

Media info in the OSD

There’s the new option ‘Show info on OSD’ in View -> OSD (shortcut Shift + I). It displays info about the current media (resolution, bitrate…) on the OSD.

Press “Shift + I” (or just “I”) to turn it off.

New configuration options for the playlist

There are available more options in Preferences -> Playlist to better control the behaviour of the playlist. Some of the new options will allow the playlist to be more suitable to store bookmarks (turn off the options “start playback after loading the playlist” and “play next file automatically”). The current favourites menu in SMPlayer is not designed to handle many items, however the playlist can support without problem hundreds and even thousands of items, so I think for bookmarks with a lot of items it’s better to use the playlist.

Another change in the playlist, now the load/save buttons are grouped together in a popup menu.


18 thoughts on “SMPlayer 16.11 has been released

  1. Как убрать отображение места воспроизведения с экрана плейера, занимает часть экрана отвлекает внимание.

    • Hello, Андрей!
      If you’re talking about position OSD during seek, it can be turned off via “View” (“Вид”) menu in the menubar. In the “OSD” submenu you can choose “Subtitles only” (“Только субтитры”), for example. See attached screenshot:
      Also, please try to ask questions in English (even if it’s as bad as mine) as this is international community and questions as well as answers should be aimed to help everyone.
      I hope this will help you.

  2. playlist not select in last playing file , always change to end of list.So I need to remember & try which one is my last play video

  3. I have tried to report a bug, but I have unsuccessfully done so.

    The come is with smplayer’s GUI and not with mplayer nor with mpv.

    When you play a range of tracks and you decide to let it play randomly, it does indeed plays the songs in a random order, but when you click the Previous button to listen again the already played previous song, it goes just one track back.

    If you press the Previous button again, it still goes back sequentially.

    mplayer and mpv behave as expected.

    This issue exists for as long as I remember. My current installation is 16.9.0 on GNU / Debian testing, 64-bit.

  4. I enabled black borders for subtitles but nothing changed. The subtitles is still on the video area. Not in the black area. Someone could help me, please.

      • What if I want subtitles on black bars only in fullscreen mode? If I enable “Add black borders” for 720p video on my 1280×1024 display, SMPlayer window’s panels move beyond screen.
        Before one of recent releases SMPlayer had this cool option “Add black borders on fullscreen”. It did exactly what I want. I don’t understand why it was removed.
        Also “Add black borders for subtitles by default” in Preferences -> General -> Video doesn’t seem to work. I expected that it acts the same way as Video -> Filters -> Add black borders.

  5. I have noticed a peculiar behavior with the latest version, 16.11.0 and I wanted to share it with you @rvm.

    I have a directory with 152 songs and when I stop a song, for instance let’s say I stopped it at song 110, close smplayer, and reopen it, it won’t highlight the last played song, that is the track 110; it will highlight something like 28, or anything at random, but not the last time played track.

    My work around would be “Open > Recent files” and choose the last played track to resume from where it was last time stopped and then I go to “Add > Add directory” to add the entire directory again and resume the playing in a sequential order.

    It’s a bit painful, but what to do?

    Is it a bug or something I should tweak in my settings?


  6. I’m not playing from a saved playlist; I’m just adding a directory with various songs in Playlist, play a track of my choice, then stop it and close the program.

    I reopen the application and for some reason it does not remember the last track played. It’s not reordering the tracks in my case, like the link you have shared; it just randomly highlights a track I have played hours ago upon reopening the application.

    The file format is something like “Artist Foo – Track 001.mp3” up to 152.

    I’m also using 16.11.0 (revision 8242) 64-bit, like the case of the guy from forum.

  7. hi
    how i can send flac audio from PC to receiver sony str1060 ?
    PC and receiver both connected to the same network(cable+wifi)
    Youtube audio works fine through cast option
    Windows Media player sending audio through Network
    but i have no idea how to play with SMPlayer.
    Thanks for cooperation

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