SMPlayer 16.9 has been released

This version has the following main changes:

Send audio to device

In version 16.6 one featured option was the possibility to send the video to an external screen. Now, in version 16.9 there’s the new option to send the audio to the specified audio device. It can be useful to send the audio to a TV via a HDMI cable or a bluetooth device.


Improvements on the playlist

Now it’s possible to hide any column (right click to see the options). The search field is also hidden by default, a new search button shows/hides it. These changes are intended to prevent the playlist window to be too wide.

Returning to Qt 4 on Linux

Since version 16.6 SMPlayer is built with Qt 5 by default. However many linux users complained about some problems with Qt 5.These are some of them:

  • the numeric keypad keys won’t work as shortcuts
  • Qt 5 uses its own file open dialog instead of the native one
  • the systray icon is not displayed in the systray but in the top left corner of the screen

So I think for the moment it’s better to return to Qt 4 until Qt 5 had those issues fixed. For that reason now the Ubuntu packages are compiled with Qt 4 again.

11 thoughts on “SMPlayer 16.9 has been released

  1. I think this update broke the “High DPI” feature. The respective tab in the Interface settings is grey now (Ubuntu 16.04, both Qt4 and 5 are installed).

    • The “High DPI” feature requires SMPlayer to be built with Qt 5, and as mentioned in the article, the packages for Ubuntu are compiled with Qt 4.

  2. rvm: Thanks. Do I have to build it myself, then?

    Any specific plans to switch the main PPA back to Qt 5? There is an alternative PPA for Qt 4 build, after all.

      • Thanks, I installed it.

        The bottom panel is of the right (-ish) size now, but the menu items are about twice taller than they should be (so e.g. the Subtitles menu takes two columns now). I don’t recall having this problem before.

          • Sorry, the screenshot taker doesn’t seem to be able to. Whenever the SMPlayer window is in the foreground, the screenshot taker captures the desktop background instead..

            The menu problem comes and goes if I switch between GUIs (though it doesn’t seem dependent on a particular GUI).

            What I’ve noticed, however, is that with “Auto” checked on the “High DPI” page, the toolbars are double the expected size. If I uncheck it (but keep the auto-detected value of 2) and restart, the toolbars get to the normal size.

  3. SMPlayer is getting better and better !
    I really like the Tablet mode and sending video to another screen, it’s awesome.
    Sending audio doesn’t work, but it’s for sure something with my smplayer/mpv combination, I will look into that later, but knowing that the option is there is very nice.

    I’m using KDE on Ubuntu 16.04 (Maui distribution to be precise) and regarding Qt5 “bugs”:

    ***the numeric keypad keys won’t work as shortcuts
    don’t have a numeric keypad, can’t check

    ***Qt 5 uses its own file open dialog instead of the native one
    In my case, it’s Qt4 build where open dialog looks not so well, very very basic.
    And actually, on the Qt5 build, open dialog looks awesome, more buttons, like it’s more KDE than pure Qt, not sure though.

    ***the systray icon is not displayed in the systray but in the top left corner of the screen
    Everything’s perfect here, systray icon works as expected.

    I’m using KDE 5.8 and Qt 5.7, maybe those things are already fixed.

    In general, thank you for the Qt5 builds, I like it more and everything works fine !
    SMPlayer is the best player, I’m using and recommending it on Linux and Windows.

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