How to download videos with the new SMTube

Due to changes in YouTube, the old SMTube doesn’t work anymore. A new version has been developed, written from scratch. You can download it from

But now people are asking “is possible to download videos with this new version?
Short answer: yes, but you have to configure it. Please, continue reading.

The new SMTube uses the YouTube API v.3. In order to use this API it’s necessary to ask Google for a “developer key”. And you have to accept their terms of use. Those terms of use don’t allow to implement applications to download videos. So I can’t add any function to download videos from YouTube.

But this new version includes a configuration dialog that allows you to add more media players (VLC, Windows Media Player…). Actually you can add any kind of application, you are not limited to media players. You can add a download manager… in this case the video won’t be played, it will be downloaded…

Now I’m going to give you an example. I’m going to use uget. This is free download manager with versions for both Linux and Windows.

In SMTube select View -> Settings. And add a new player.

The configuration, for Linux, is the following:

Name: uget
Executable: uget-gtk
Parameters: --quiet --folder=/tmp --filename=%f %u 
This player supports video sites: unchecked

Configuration for Windows:

Name: uget
Executable: C:/Users/<user>/uget/bin/uget.exe
Parameters: --filename=%f %u
This player supports video sites: unchecked

That’s it. Now in SMTube, right click on a video and select uget. The video will be downloaded.

Another example, to call youtube-dl (Linux):

Name: youtube-dl
Executable: xterm
Parameters: -e youtube-dl %u -f 22 -o "/tmp/%(title)s-%(id)s.%(ext)s"
This player supports video sites: checked

That would save the videos in 720p quality (option -f 22) in the /tmp folder.

Configuration for Windows:

Name: youtube-dl
Executable: mplayer\youtube-dl.exe
Parameters: %u -f 22 -o "C:\Users\<user>\Videos\Youtube\%(title)s-%(id)s.%(ext)s"
This player supports video sites: checked

And the final example. Using wget (Linux):

Name: wget
Executable: xterm
Parameters: -e wget -O /tmp/%f %u
This player supports video sites: unchecked

(This would save the videos in /tmp)

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  1. Your post indicates that the uget parameters “–quiet –folder=/tmp –filename=%f %u” will transfer the video to uget, but this is not happening correctly. The uget options use double dashes for most CLI parameters, i.e. “>uget-gtk –option URL”. SMTube is transmitting all relevant info to uget, but it is NOT combining the command line text correctly. So with the command line indicated above configured into SMTube, you end up with three entries in uget; the URL, the folder, and the filename. uget is interpreting the URL and downloading it, but it is not interpreting the filename or the folder as part of the command line.

  2. I was wondering if there would be a way to use steadyflow download manager? I have been trying to use uget with the parameters listed and have had no luck.

    • Yes:
      Name: steadyflow
      Executable: steadyflow
      Parameters: add %u
      Supports video sites: unchecked

      However I don’t know if this download manager has any option to set the output filename (I couldn’t find anything in the manpage). Without it you’ll have to enter the filename.

    • It means that the old YouTube API is not supported anymore by YouTube. You need to install the new SMTube which has support for the new API.

  3. I wish i had realized that the functionality had changed BEFORE I installed the new version… That’s what i get for not looking into things. I was still able to use the download functionality for the old version. I just couldn’t browse youtube anymore.. so now i have to do this stuff to regain download functionality.. Wish i could install the old version alongside the new one so I can use that to download, use this to browse, lol. Oh well…

    Is there a way to use this method with FDM (Free Download Manager)? Would be great. Thanks for providing such a nice workaround and stuff. Love smtube <3

    • Well, you can get a package with the old smtube, extract the executable and rename it, so you can have both installed. Actually it’s possible to configure the new smtube to use the old one to download.

    • Yes, it’s possible to use FDM. However this application doesn’t seem to have an option to pass the output filename, so you need to enter manually the filename.

      Example configuration:
      Name: Free Download Manager
      Executable: C:/Program Files/Free Download Manager/fdm.exe
      Parameters: -url %u
      Supports video sites: unchecked

    • If you use youtube-dl you can choose the quality with the option -f.
      -f 43 would download the video in 360p webm (it seems 480p is not available in new videos).

  4. Thank you for the download options. While everything seems to work on xubuntu, as usual windows (7) is acting up:

    youtube-dl is giving me the: ERROR: requested format not available
    this is even after I changed the -f [x] parameter to [first choice]/[second]/[…], removing it, or using best video/audio (should be default, so not necessary to enter) as found here:

    uget works marvelously, but opens the download window where one has to click the “start download” button, which is not as bad as it sounds, but I admit I am totally spoiled by smtube doing everthing in “verbose”, so would love to have a “clean” download option.

    wget, I gave it a shot, as it also runs on Win these days, gives me a “Invalid execute command”, I assume this can easily be made to work as well if one where to invest some minutes to tweak the command line paramteres.

    Other Win(7) issues: for users using SMPlayer with SMTube to “update” to the new SMTube replace (or better rename) SMTube.exe with the new one. Assuming a default install the *.exe can be found under: [X]:\Program Files\SMPlayer. If the “Only let Admin make changes to [X]:\Program Files” option is still active some minor bugs will occur:
    1. SMTube will always probt the “This is a new version … update code” window when the program is run, be it directly or from SMPlayer -> Fix: Run SMTube.exe once as Admin (Right click Run as: Admin)
    2. SMTube forgets its setting (has to do with the same issue as above) -> Fix: I recommend setting all the download options while running SMTube as Admin; alternatively run editor or notepad or notepad++ as admin than open the smtube2.ini file (found in the same folder as the exe) than add/modify the lines under the players option:

    player_1\binary=C:\\Users\\[Your Name]\\AppData\\Roaming\\uget\\bin\\uget.exe
    player_1\arguments=”–filename=%f %u”
    player_2\binary=C:/Program Files/SMPlayer/mplayer/youtube-dl.exe
    player_2\arguments=%u -o \”C:\\Users\\[Your Name]\\Videos\\Youtube\\%(title)s-%(id)s.%(ext)s\”
    player_3\arguments=-e wget -O /tmp/%f %u

    Note that the abovementioned “code” does contain both [Your Name] spacers and in addition must not necessarily work as it (as mentioned) does not work. Well it might help for debugging.

    rvm mentioned that it is possible to use the old smtube for the download, is it possible to get a code example for this? I would try myself if I knew what kind of command options are available.

    For those who do not have an old executable for SMPlayer flying around to unzip (I recommend 7zip) to get the SMTube.exe, you can find the windows builds here:
    I did not try these, but I am positive that they should be the same files shipped with SMPlayer.
    for it.

    • To download with uget without having to click the “start download” button, check the option “command-line works quietly” in the edit menu of uget.

      Sample configuration to use the old smtube (rename the executable to old-smtube.exe and copy it to the smplayer folder):

      Name: Old smtube
      Executable: old-smtube.exe
      Parameters: -url %u
      Supports video sites: checked

      • Awesome!
        I don’t know how frequently you guys receive praise for the good work as well as the quick support, but you certainly got my gratitude.
        Keep being awesome and a big thank you.

  5. Descargar Vídeo & Audio desde Smtube utilizando youtube-dl & aria2…

    GNU/Linux: Requisitos…

    (1) Smtube.
    (2) youtube-dl.
    (3) FFmpeg.
    (4) aria2.
    (5) remplazar ~/Vídeos/ & ~/Música/ por ruta a preferir en “(3) Parameters:”. ej ~/Vídeos/ por ~/Downloads/

    Windows: Requisitos…

    (1) Smtube — Smplayer Instalar con soporte para mpv.
    (2) youtube-dl — Incluido al instalar Smplayer con soporte para mpv.
    (3) FFmpeg — descargar del link de abajo y copiar los 3 ejecutables de la carpeta \bin\ a:
    “C:\Program Files\SMPlayer\mplayer\”
    (4) aria2 — descargar del link de abajo y copiar “aria2c.exe” a:
    “C:\Program Files\SMPlayer\mplayer\”
    (5) remplazar por tu usuario en “(3) Parameters:”. ej \\ por \tu-usuario1\

    Para Descargar tanto video como audio desde Windows:

    (1) Name: Descargar Audio
    (2) Executable: mplayer\youtube-dl.exe
    (3) Parameters: %u –extract-audio -o “C:\Users\\Videos\Youtube\%(title)s.%(ext)s” –external-downloader “aria2c” –external-downloader-args “-k1M -x8 -c”
    (4) Supports video sites: checked

    (1) Name: Descargar Video 720p
    (2) Executable: mplayer\youtube-dl.exe
    (3) Parameters: %u -f “bestvideo[height<=?720]+bestaudio/best" -o "C:\Users\\Videos\Youtube\%(title)s.%(ext)s” –external-downloader “aria2c” –external-downloader-args “-k1M -x8 -c”
    (4) Supports video sites: checked

    (1) Name: Descargar Video 1080p
    (2) Executable: mplayer\youtube-dl.exe
    (3) Parameters: %u -f “bestvideo[height<=?1080]+bestaudio/best" -o "C:\Users\\Videos\Youtube\%(title)s.%(ext)s” –external-downloader “aria2c” –external-downloader-args “-k1M -x8 -c”
    (4) Supports video sites: checked

    Para Descargar tanto video como audio desde GNU/Linux:

    (1) Name: Descargar Audio
    (2) Executable: xterm
    (3) Parameters: -e youtube-dl %u –extract-audio -o “~/Música/%(title)s.%(ext)s” –external-downloader “aria2c” –external-downloader-args “-k1M -x8 -c”
    (4) Supports video sites: checked

    (1) Name: Descargar Video 720p
    (2) Executable: xterm
    (3) Parameters: -e youtube-dl %u -f “bestvideo[height<=?720]+bestaudio/best" -o "~/Vídeos/%(title)s.%(ext)s" –external-downloader "aria2c" –external-downloader-args "-k1M -x8 -c"
    (4) Supports video sites: checked

    (1) Name: Descargar Video 1080p
    (2) Executable: xterm
    (3) Parameters: -e youtube-dl %u -f "bestvideo[height<=?1080]+bestaudio/best" -o "~/Vídeos/%(title)s.%(ext)s" –external-downloader "aria2c" –external-downloader-args "-k1M -x8 -c"
    (4) Supports video sites: checked


    Links de descargar aria2 & FFmpeg para Windows:

    • ERROR: No se muestran correctamente algunos parametros como “-” por “- -” sin espacio o “”, he publicado el mensaje anterior en justpaste con un poco de color para que se aprecie mejor el mensaje También debo decir que las lineas anteriores también sirven para usarlas con el complemento “Open With”.en Firefox, se puede descargar cualquier vídeo incluso sin entrar a youtube u otro sitio soportado por youtube-dl, si les parece o piden les puedo dejar los comandos a incluir en “Open With”, o lo pueden hacer ustedes mismos, hay que sacar “%u” de la linea que esta en “(3) Parameters:” en linux y desde windows habría que hacer lo mismo pero la ruta a “mplayer\youtube-dl.exe” debe ser completada empezando por “c:\…”, si alguien traduce este mensaje al idioma ingles estaría agradecido, saludos.

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