Introducing the new SMTube

Due to changes in YouTube, the old SMTube doesn’t work anymore. A new version has been developed, written from scratch. You can download it from

For the moment only basic functionality is included: search and browse categories. But new features will be added in the future.

In this new version you can choose which media player to use to play the YouTube videos. And you can add more in the settings dialogs. This is an explanation of the data you have to enter to edit or add a player:

Name: this is the name that will be displayed in the context menu: “Open with <name>
Executable: the binary name (a full path is allow) that should be run. For example: mplayer or /usr/bin/mplayer or mplayer.exe (Windows).
Parameters: the parameters that should be passed to the application. There are some special characters that SMTube will replace:

  • %u (the URL of the video)
  • %t (the title of the video)
  • %f (a string that can be used as output filename, usually it’s the title + mp4 extension)

%t and %f should only be used when the option “this player supports videos sites” is NOT checked. (See below)

Example: –title=%t –file=%f %u would expand to something like: –title=”Funny video” –file=”Funny video.mp4″ http://……..

This player supports videos sites: can be checked or unchecked. If it’s checked this means that the player is smart enough to find out the video URL from the YouTube page. When checked SMTube just passes (with %u) the URL of the YouTube page, it’s up to the player to find out the real address of the video. If the option is not checked then SMTube will find out the URL of the video and pass it to the player. For example, SMPlayer, mpv+youtube-dl and VLC can find out the URL of the video, so this option should be checked for them. On the other hand mplayer doesn’t support YouTube so you have to leave this option unchecked.

Notice that due to the terms of use of the YouTube API, this version doesn’t include any option to download videos. But you can read this article to find out how to add it:

How to download videos with the new SMTube

4 thoughts on “Introducing the new SMTube

  1. I have version Version: 15.5.10 installed on my Linux Mint box. I have added a player in the View/Settings/Players dialog as the first in the list. However, when I right-click on a movie I can see only SMPlayer, MPlayer, VLC and Totem as options for playing the movie – I can’t see the player I have added in the dialog. Should I do something more to make the player I have added to show up in the right-click options? Or there is some other way of choosing the player?

    • If the player doesn’t appear in the menu is because smtube couldn’t find the executable. Be sure you typed it correctly or put the full path.

      • Thank you for the suggestion. Indeed, even though wget that I tried to set up as a player was installed, xterm that was needed to launch it was not installed. After installing xterm the wget item showed up in the menu and everything works fine.

  2. Finally a proper Youtube player for Linux!
    I love watching vids in SMPlayer and MPlayer, so a YT player is essential. This was essential before YT worked fully with the HTML5 player, but still the best to view vids.
    Now it’s almost as functional as youtube-viewer-gtk — just the comment section to go. But it looks far better!

    Hope the development goes well! And thank you for this excellent YT player!
    Hmm… perhaps implement autoloading of videos when reaching the last or second-to-the-last video in the list…?

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